Supporting Migrants

This year, Te Awakairangi Parish is once again helping with the settlement of a migrant family into the Hutt Valley.

We have been asked to gather items for a family comprising mother and father, two teenaged boys, one teenaged girl, an 11 and 4 year old boy and a 2 year old girl.

If you are able to assist with items to help this family, please identify which items you can provide from the lists below and let Kathryn van Woerkom know by email to or calling on 027 6788865

Items for the children;
Notes about Children’s items: Please remember that these items are for children from refugee backgrounds who may have lived in a war zone or under armed persecution. Please do not include any toys, games or books with military themes (eg toy guns, tanks or military dress), including fantasy military themes (eg Star Wars). Please note that masked characters (such as masked superheroes) and characters such as pirates, wrestlers and fighters can also be frightening for some children coming from war zones.

Children come from families with a wide range of religious and cultural backgrounds. It is best to avoid supernatural themes (eg witches and wizards, fairies, goblins etc). Some religious and cultural groups prefer not to have toys that portray the human person (eg Barbie dolls).

It may be helpful to consider toys, games and books that will assist school aged children as they begin life in New Zealand schools and school playgrounds. Some suggestions:

• Balls and ball games
• Marbles, knucklebones, tops
• Dominoes, pick-up-sticks, yo-yos, Frisbees
• Board games such as ludo, checkers, scrabble
• Building blocks, lego (not with supernatural or military themes)
• Flashcards and books that aid number and letter learning for English language learners
• Coloured pencils, crayons, pens
• Scrapbooks, exercise books, stationery items
• Jigsaw puzzles with general themes (eg flowers, scenery) rather than movie or tv characters
• Plasticine, play-doh, craft sets (self contained including any required tools, glue etc) 
Please ensure that any second-hand items are in good condition and are clean.

Pantry Items
Household Items 2020