Review of Churches and Presbyteries

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Thank You for Your Feedback
Thank you to those parishioners who have participated in our consultation meetings and/or provided feedback on our initial options through our feedback survey.  Consultation on the intial options is now closed with the Steering Committee considering all your input on 14 September 2019. We will share with you the outcome of our consideration when we have completed that discernment.

Prayer to guide our discernment of the Cardinal’s directive

Almighty Father,
We ask that you guide and help us consider the future
of our churches and presbyteries within the Parish of Te Awakairangi.
Help us be mindful of what change might mean to our communities
and the impact it may have on individuals. Guide us to be a sound
judge of all situations that change may have within and across our Parish.
Open our hearts to ensure our thoughts, words and actions
are focused on building a stronger parish community that supports
and provides for the Pastoral Care of all peoples in our Parish.
We thank you for your guidance and for being with us
as we discern the property needs of our Parish.
We offer this prayer in the name of your Son, Jesus Christ. 

Consultation Options Paper

Information about our Parish

Feedback Received

Discernment Presentations

How you can participate

  • Pray for the Holy Spirit to guide the discernment of, and how we might respond to, the Cardinal’s directive.
  • Talk within your family, the groups you are part of, your church community and with fellow parishioners.